” One of my pet peeves in music that gains any modicum of popularity is the fact that many singers pay no attention to enunciation, vocal style or quality.”

Matt Cullen had the desire to sing from an early age. When he was seven, he was to have the lead singing in a school production, unfortunately he met with a stick, during  a stickball game. That was it!  He grew up on the East Coast in the era of Jazz Standard, and Swing, popular, and frequently played at home. His affinity for the standards of yesteryear still gets his heart to racing.   During his teen years, rock and roll took over from there.   So this is where it starts!

After High School and the Military, Matt settled in the West, California became his home.  He raised two children in the SF Bay area, and life got in the way of music.  As Matt neared retirement, he decided to take vocal classes, completing  several semesters of classic voice, and Jazz vocals.  From there he was hooked.

Anyone who has heard Matt sing probably knows his tag line: “Songs with words you can understand.” They are more than a few words to live by; they’ re how Matt sees his art.  He arranges the songs he sings to match his vision for the songs, the tempo, keys, inserting the instruments and the style that makes his music unique.

In a new technological twist, Matt never actually met some of the musicians who appear on the album. A new online service connects artists together who are working on music. Matt posted tracks and different musicians contributed different elements. He said it’s rather like an online collection of studio musicians.

Matt calls his music standards and swing. When he’s not crooning the hits of the 1940s, ’50s, ’60s and beyond, Matt’s also known for performing a mean Willie Nelson set. Rounding out the selection of genres, Matt has expanded his repertoire of Country and light rock, which has had broad appeal to his listeners.